MAUD is the earliest of my pieces you will find on this site.

Composed in 1977, it is a monodrama for mezzo-soprano, accompanied by computer-generated sounds, based on a text by poet Gary Sange.
The sounds were generated by an IBM 360-91, using MUSIC4BF, a Fortan-based application.   Digital-to-analog conversion was done at the Godfrey Winham Lab at Princeton University.

Janet Steele gave the premiere performance in 1977 on an ISCM concert at Carnegie Recital Hall.

Here’s what Allen Hughes of The New York Times had to say: 

” … there was real sensitivity in the taped music as well as in the voice part, and Ms. Steele’s penetrating interpretation did much to make the performance compelling.”

That same year Maud was performed at the first International Computer Music Festival held at M.I.T. The singer there was Jane Lawrence.
The following year Maud was awarded First Prize by the American Society of University Composers (today the Society of Composers.)

On this recording, made in 1987 for Opus One Records, Maud is sung by Christine Schadeberg.  


monodrama for mezzo-soprano and computer-generated sounds; libretto by Gary Sange