Star Globe

Star Globe was written for the wonderful ensemble Sybarite5 and Blythe Gaissert in 2016, based on a poem by Nancy Manocherian.   Part of that poem was this drawing (also by Nancy Manocherian), which nicely sums up what I tried to express in the music.

I am sleepless in the desert
My eyes are open wide
I wander weak and helpless
As I peer into the void

The moonless space is mighty
As black as black can be
Yet countless Suns shine brightly
As far as eyes can see

What matrix is this universe
That no one can explain?
Our tiny orb a spaceship
Pulsating joy and pain

If only we could know beyond
What senses can’t reveal
We’d grasp the hand that causes all
To make us think it’s real.



This recording is from a track on their album “Live From New York, it’s Sybarite5”. 

Score available through American Composers Alliance (BMI)